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About Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin

Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin is leading developer of the TT&EE worldwide. For nearly 30 years Dr. Shikhirin’s scientific achievements have been praised by the scientific community, and he has been rewarded with professional awards, government contracts and grants (Russia). He was repeatedly selected from many thousands of Soviet scientists to take charge of innovative technological designs and to lead development teams. His inventions, including the systems of artificial intelligence for robotic system control and artificial vision systems for visual qualify control of microelectronic equipment, were patented and implemented by Russian Defense Industry and space exploration agencies. (Unfortunately many of them still remain classified). The significance of his contributions has been acknowledged in the professional media.

Dr. Shikhirin immigrated to USA from Russia as an “alien of extraordinary ability” (mathematical/computer scientist) in 2001 to advance the development of TT&EE.

Quoting from the statement of Dennis L. Brining, former director of International Business Development for the Lockheed Corporation and consultant for numerous U.S. airspace programs, in which he evaluated Dr. Shikhirin’s professional achievements, “The application of elastic engineering technology appears to have broad implications across a wide variety of the military and civilian markets.” Dr. Shikhirin is the only scientist in the world with extensive expertise and inventions in the field of tore technology and elastic engineering.

Kenneth A. Potocki, Assistant Director for Research and Exploratory Development at John Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory responsible for a number of a NASA and Department of Defense technologies in the United States, identified Dr. Shikhirin as a “world champion” in the arena of tore technology.

Dr. Shikhirin has PhD in Engineering Sciences from Moscow Institute of Aircraft Technology (Russia) and BSA/MS in Mathematics and Engineering from Izhevsk’s Institute of Mechanical Engineering (Russia).

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