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Advisory Board

Elastoneering, Inc has formed an Advisory Board to draw on the expertise of industry specialists, experience of other technology entrepreneurs and commercialization professionals.

Professor Alexander Chudnovsky has joined the Advisory Board in 2004. A. Chudnovsky is a Distinguished Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is an internationally recognized authority in the fields of Fracture Mechanics and Materials Durability. His scientific accomplishments include Mathematical Theory of Elastomers, Entropy Criterion of Local Failure, Statistical Fracture Mechanics, and Crack Layer Model.

Dr. Alex Mindich has joined the Advisory Board in 2004. Dr. Mindich is a founder and President of A.T.B.C. (from 1989), a successful technology company that developed concept, prototype and implemented a pilot installation of the innovative tubular conveyor systems. Dr. Mindich has 30 years experience in structural engineering and is a Chief Engineer Special Projects for Harbours Contractors, Inc.

Rusty Pittman has joined the Advisory Board in 2004. Mr. Pittman is a Business Development Manager at UOP and has an extensive experience in technology commercialization.

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