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Potential applications of Tore TechnologyTM and Elastic EngineeringTM include:
Toroidal Drive
Toroidal Drive has a wide range of applications based on its ability to overcome terrain obstacles, while being energy efficient, environmentally friendly and less costly than competitive mechanisms. Potential applications include
              Mars Rover
              Robots
              Army vehicles
              Golf carts
              National parks / Alaska transportation
              Snow mobiles
              Earth exploration vehicles
              Transportation of extremely heavy loads
              Transportation for handicapped

 The soft grabbing/pulling effect is an additional feature of toroidal shell that can be used for creating elastic robots, artificial organs etc. Soft grabbing and sealing/locking effect can be efficiently and safely used in such application as the robots for disabling explosives.

Lifting and pulling devices (portable and movable lifts, jacks, towers, winches).
Lift and transportation of people and cargo with toroidal devices having cylindrical or conical form. The applications include a device for discharge of load from aircraft, lifts for construction industry and emergency escape chutes.

Pipeline transport
The ability of toroidal machines to work inside fluid medium (water, gel, liquid oxygen, air, ionized gas etc. allows the creation of effective cargo transportation along the pipes, while cargo is introduced into tore and coupled with loaded or not loaded tore.

The combination of the soft grabbing/pulling effect, damping abilities and the ability to lock the cargo inside the shell is a great foundation for new type of containers for hazards, fragile and environmentally sensitive objects. In addition, elastic toroids can be used in gravitational containers/transportation, where the cargo in a toroid is moved autonomously on inclined surfaces (e. g., earth surface) or rigid and soft (nets) chutes.

Engines, Power stations. The energy process similar to vortexes, comets and galaxies.

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