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Elastoneering, Inc. develops and commercializes Tore Technology (TORTECH™) and Elastic Engineering (ELASTONEERING™) (TT&EE™) applications that empower traditional mechanical engineering to offer more efficient solutions for technical problems.

Potential applications of TT&EE™ include:

• Toroidal transport that operates in rough terrain, space and water. In comparison to competitive transportation means, toroidal transport is more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and less costly.

• Toroidal lifting devices that are portable, movable, safe and less costly than the existing solutions used in construction or such functions as aircraft load discharge or emergency escape chutes.

• Toroidal containers with soft grabbing, locking and damping abilities that are efficient for storing and transporting hazardous materials, fragile or environmentally sensitive objects.

• Toroidal robotic instruments with soft grabbing that are efficient for such applications as robots for disabling explosives or artificial limbs.

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